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WAS $795 reduced to $675

 Our GM type replacement roofs utilize OEM quality lenses, GM frames and hardware

This roof is not made of 1/4 in. none extruded or general purpose acrylic. It is made from 3/16th cast acrylic. Additionally, unlike other roof manufacturers, it comes with a year warranty that it will not separate from the frame



The  roof is a  OEM acrylic cast roof which has Acrylic SAR (Super Abrasion Resistant Lens) ,GM edge trim, frame, hardware, and weatherstripping, as well as a one year warranty on frame/lens separation 

The price of this roof is $675.00  plus either a rebuildable core or a $200.00 core charge. Return shipping cost of $89.00.

COST:  Roof: $ 675.00, core: $200.00, shipping: $89.00 

Total: $964 less refunded $200 core charge is $764.00

If the weatherstripping on your core needs replacing we will deduct $80.00 from your core deposit




 Hardware and instructions are always included.

Do not assume that because you have a 1989 Corvette that it will take a third design roof. Measure or look at the roof locator parts shown below. We have found that a number of Corvettes have been retrofitted to accept a different year roof.

Pictured from left to right are the roof locator parts for 84-96 Corvettes.   They are found mounted to the underside front of the roof on the frame itself.



  • The cone on the left was issued on 84 to early 86 and is considered the first design roof frame.

 C4  Roof 1985-86 Acrylic  28 1/2 inches     Blue or Bronze 


  • The middle plate is found on  late 86 to 88's and is considered second design.

 C4  Roof 1986-88 Acrylic   31 1/2 inches    Blue or Bronze


  • The far right plate comes on 89 to 96 roofs and is considered third design.

 C4  Roof 1989-96 Acrylic   32 1/2 inches    Blue or Bronze



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